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Get to
the core of gaming

Take your game to the next level with enhanced training tools and interactive replays

Ripcore is an essential addition for both competitive and casual gamers. Offering unique training tools that will enhance your gaming experience. Whether you are looking to hone in a specific skill or learn completely new ones. Ripcore is a need for ever gamer.

ABOUT ripcore

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package options

-the FREE tier-

  • Recorder tool - Create your own packs from ANY Rocket League replay file

  • Access our powerful training tool

  • Monthly curated training packs

-the $1 tier-

  • All of the free tier features

  • Even more packs each month

  • Keep your packs! Unlike the free tier which changes every month, you keep
    each pack forever.

-the $5 tier-

  • All of the free and $1 tier features

  • Full marketplace access - download any pack, or upload your own!

  • Seven day free trial!

  • Twitter
  • YouTube


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