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RipCore FAQ and Common Issues

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

How do I download RipCore?

You can find a video guide here!

How do I use RipCore?

There's a video guide for that too!

What games is ripcore compatible with?

RipCore is currently only compatible with Rocket League

Will I get banned for using Ripcore?

Absolutely not.

Is Ripcore a standalone program?

While RipCore uses its own client to download, upload, and manage packs; it is not a standalone program. RipCore currently requires bakkesmod to be used.

My updater/installer gets stuck at 100%!

Make sure you extract the program before running it for the first time. If this issue persists, try deleting everything in your RipCore folder, and then reinstall the client from our website. You will retain your packs as long as you leave your recording folder intact. Your recording folder is by default located at:


The plugin is telling me to log in to the client, but I already am!

Refresh the plugin by opening the plugin manager and unchecking then rechecking RipCore.

Can I upload my own packs with the free tier of ripcore?

The free tier is limited to the packs already uploaded into the client.

When I try installing ripcore, I get this message:

This most likely means you opened the .zip file and then ran the the updater without extracting it. You need to instead open the zipped folder you downloaded, select "Extract all..." and extract it to a folder on your local disk (e.g. This PC\Documents\Ripcore or similar). You will have to create this new folder. Then, you may run the updater in this new folder.

When I try to launch ripcore through windows search, I get this message:

This is not yet supported. What you can do instead is navigate to your ripcore installation folder, right click the ripcore executable, choose Send To->Desktop (Create Shortcut). From this point, you can either double click the shortcut on your desktop, or type ripcore in windows search and it will find and launch the shortcut instead,

My updater is stuck at zero and looks like in this picture:

This most likely means your computer can't connect to our file host. Since there are a variety of possible reasons for this, please join our official discord server and we will assist you.

I installed ripcore, logged into the client, but I can't see the plugin in the Bakkesmod plugin list!

After installing ripcore, you need to manually enable it in the bakkesmod settings: F2 -> Plugins -> Plugin manager (beta) -> Open pluginmanager -> Activate Ripcore in this list. Alternatively, you may open the F6 console and type "plugin load ripcore" if it does not display in the plugin manager. Afterwards, you should have a Ripcore entry in the Plugins tab of the bakkesmod settings.

I just installed ripcore, but it isn't working!

Please make sure that you have started ripcore, logged into the client, and only then started Rocket League (restart Rocket League if it was running during the installation process).

If your issue is still not fixed, please head to our official discord server.

When I play some of the downloaded packs, my car doesn't stop drifting.

This is a known issue which happens when a player pressed their drift button at the beginning of the recorded time span, and the developers are working on a fix. For the time being, you can work around this by tapping your slide button once.

Why can't I change my keybindings?

This is a known issue with non US keyboard layouts and some steam/3rd party controllers. We are currently implementing a fix, but due to the sheer number of different layouts and controllers we need more data. If you are experiencing this issue PLEASE fill out a bug report form.

For any other questions, you can head over to our discord.

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