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Welcome to Ripcore!

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

With our first blog post we wanted to tell you what exactly Ripcore is, why we started Ripcore, and who we are. So strap in, because we have some BIG ideas.

What is Ripcore?

Ripcore is two things; primarily, Ripcore is a training tool that sets out to take your game to the next level. Now we know a lot of people claim they can do that, but Ripcore's a little different. Ripcore actually hooks with your favorite games to bring you next level training tools no one else can offer. Ever wanted to try that shot your favorite Rocket League player hit last RLCS match? Has your buddy ever said "I coulda hit that shot!" When his favorite Splitgate creator whiffed? Wanna make him prove it? With Ripcore not only can you become that player, but you can take the shoes of any other player on the pitch, map, field, whatever! It's not just the highlight reels either, with our pack marketplace you can find the most in depth training gaming has to offer. With just this as our baseline, and other incredible tools Ripcore truly offers the best in game training.

We're not just about training either, we want to take Esports and gaming to an even wider audience. As big competitive gamers ourselves we noticed the hardest thing about being an esports fan is trying to watch games that you don't play yourself! Whether this is someone who's never picked up a controller (or a mouse, we get it FPS players), or a gamer through and through who simply has never tried the genre, watching a new game and understanding what the heck is going on is tough.

To help take some of that pressure off Ripcore is going to develop its own gaming content, streams, tournament, and news that caters to both non-fans and the most hardcore alike. To achieve this goal we're taking a couple weird steps; first off our news articles will always come in different experience levels,. This means there will be in depth technical explanations for those who want it, but simplified and very explanatory information for those with limited knowledge. In addition to this our tournament streams may be a little different than standard formats, as we try to bring you casting that is both enjoyable to listen to and offers an easier to understand perspective as well.

Why We Started Ripcore

Remember how I said you could make your buddy eat his words when they claim they could hit the same shot a pro did? Well that's literally why Ripcore was created. Our founder, Summit, was watching RLCS with a friend when his friend claimed they could hit the shot that just happened on screen. Summit, like most of us when our buddy says that, rolled his eyes and said "you know what, let's prove it." And thus, the core of Ripcore was born. That simple idea of "I wanna hit the same shot the person on screen did" has snowballed into so much more, and we couldn't be more excited about it. As we started to build the tool to make this happen, we realized how big it could be for everyone else, and from there we just kept wondering what other games we could make Ripcore work in!

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